An Idea on Why Journalism is So Bad

I have an economic theory as to why much of journalism is getting stupider. It’s not just that cable news is getting dumber (it started dumb), but outlets that try to present a more thoughtful take on current events, e.g. Slate, TNR, or Reason. The internet has destroyed the already slim margins in publishing, so the salaries of writers and journalists have plummeted, ergo we have folks exiting that part of the labor market for other sectors. However, not everyone exits at the same rate. I’ll wager that the young are likely to exit more slowly than older folks. As a result, journalists increasingly have less knowledge and life experience and tend to fall back on ideological scripts, which — as any professor will tell you — is what the young do when they run up against the limits of their knowledge and experience. (Of course it’s what everyone does, but the young do it faster.)

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